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I am mainly a multiplayer gamer, I had never played Zombies or Blackout on BO4. I am still in the premade Squad from the launch of the App but activity has pretty much only been me. I am looking for a squad still active and casual. I do try to play every day and I am currently working toward prestige 8 and I am in the midwest specificly Ohio. So it would be nice if the squad was also in the same time zone but not necessary.

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Hi I’m with APEX United Gaming and we are currently recruiting on XBOX One, we have players that play all kinds of games but unfortunately we are still a small clan looking to grow. My GT is GhostRio956 if you’re interested just send a message


happy hunting

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Rapture Gaming is an active and growing community. Our Phoenix Battalion is recruiting members for CoD, Overwatch, and Apex. Our members play daily from the EU and across the US. We have casual and competitive players, and our focus is on having a great time with no drama.

If you'd like to know more you can message me (rG Nordic)
If you'd like to apply you can follow this link:
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We are on all the time and have a variety of people who play multiplayer blackout hit me up if your interested. BIGcountry8482 

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