XGC Xiled Kings Is Recruiting 18+ Gamers On XBOX One

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XGC(XIled Gaming Community) Is Recruiting for Our clan Called Xiled Kings, We are seeking 18+ Years of Age, We all Play Call of duty on a Daily basis. We are more then a bunch of gamers, We are one big happy Family, Currently our clan within the community consists of over 30+ active members, The Community as a Whole has well over 100K Members so there is always someone to play with.  Below is more info on what we are looking for. 


We are looking for quality players over quantity, We require that you make 2 meetings a week one is on Sundays at 10PM EST, and the second is on Thurs at 9:30 pm, If you cannot make it to one or the other you can let The captain, LT know. We do Gamenights, Custom games, BLackout, Multiplayer, etc, We also recruit by First getting to know you and seeing if your a good fit for our clan. We also have people who Once they reach the Rank of a Sgt can if They want to to change their Gamertag over to XGC in it. We also Play other games, however the main game we play is Call of Duty. We have people on at all hours of the day. 


If interested Please Message me On Xbox Live at XGC LegionofWar, and I will be glad to welcome you into our Home. I hope to hear from anyone looking for a family to game with. 



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