hopefully i get a game without heavy spikes every once in a while

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Playstation 4

i want to know if there is a reason that i am forced to experience lagg every single game i play. when i play a normal tdm i have about 10 spikes to 80-150 ping and for someone who always plays on a consistant 12-30 this jsut means i can't even shoot properly, but why does this keep happening i am on nat type 1 play since bo and never had this problem but on bo4 i litterly have it every fcking gmae at least 10 times and i know it isn't my connection because every cod i start up has less lag even when i go on ps3 and play like mw3 i have better stability while playing than on this crappy game maybe becasue blackout overloads systems but ***** they really try to force ppl to stop playing multiplayer why else would they make it as crappy as possible pffffff

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