looking for a sniping team with a youtube

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ive been playing call of duty since modern warfare came out on xbox 360 ive been sniping ever since i started playing

i was in a few competitive clans back in the day when comp sniping was still a thing. now im looking for a clan/team that likes going for killfeeds and or trickshots. a serious clan that will be putting together some teamtages and into videos/ montages. no messing around i wanna good group of people to play with that are not going to get mad the whole time we playing. so if you have a team/clan that is recruiting hmu GT at the moment is "Ki Loiter" add me or send me a message PLEASE SERIOUS TEAMS ONLY NO MESSING AROUND HERIMG_0313.jpg


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Still looking for one? I’m starting one and just need to pick up players and you seem like a good fit. Like I said just starting so you could even be able to become a higher up and help manage/lead.

Psn: Tyrraant

discord: Tyrraant#3085

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