Black Ops MLG Providence

By BlackOpsNews on November 16, 2011
Level 19

Watch the masters and reap the benefits! A tried and true formula for everything in life, especially Black Ops.


This weekend, from November 18th-20th, sixteen teams will face off at the Providence National MLG Championship for a chance to take home $50,000. This is the biggest tournament of the season, so you can be sure that there’ll be plenty of heated battles and suspenseful match ups throughout.

Black Ops is one of only four titles currently running on the MLG Pro Circuit, where top teams compete and push their tactical boundaries to the limit. To get an idea of who these competitors are, check out the first of three articles profiling each bracket leading up to the event. See what’s at stake and who’s likely to go home a champion, or which team might just sneak up from the bottom and take it all as the underdogs.

If you’re interested in attending, look over the newcomer’s guide to see what the tournament is all about and how to register. Check here for a full list of events you can participate in. If you’re not in the area, but still want to follow the action, MLG TV has you covered, which you can find here.

How many of you have ever attended or watched a Black Ops MLG tournament? Think you could stand up against the best of the best? Let us know your thoughts and if you’ll be watching in the comments below and in the forums. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@Treyarch) for the most up to date Black Ops info.