Black Ops Zombies iOS Achievements Guide – Pro Tips

By BlackOpsNews on December 21, 2011
Level 19

There’s no better way to show off your mastery of Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies then by earning every achievement. To help you score the full 150 points, here’s a list of all 15 achievements as well as some quick tips on how to attain them!


Gross Profit (10 pts) – Kill 30 zombies while they’re in the toilets in one game.

Head upstairs in the starting area and open the right door. Check the spawning area closest to the balcony.

Places Everyone! (10 pts) – Restored power, then rounded up 10 zombies on stage.

Hit the power switch on the stage and let the horde take the stage.

It wasn’t me… (10 pts) – Kill 25 zombies with a crawler explosion.

Killing crawlers close to other zombies can score you some free kills.

Whack-a-Zombie (10 pts) – Killed x10 zombies with the Bowie Knife.

Buy this blade at the back of the theater and introduce it to your newfound friends.

Canine Caution (10 pts) – Do not get hurt in 3 consecutive Hellhound rounds.

Have your teammates defend you whenever these murderous canines appear.

Insert Coin (10 pts) – Unlocked and played Dead Ops.

Search the menu screens for the four coins needed to unlock Dead Ops Arcade and then jump into the action!

Easy Rhino (10 pts) – Use the Speed Boost to blast through 20 or more enemies at once.

Let your enemies gather behind you and take them all down with one well-timed Speed Boost.

See My Vest (10 pts) – Kill the Cosmic Silverback.

Can you make it through all 40 rounds and defeat this devious primate?

Mother Hen (10 pts) – Collect 5 chickens at the same time.

Find the Armory for an opportunity to amass this group of helpers.

Fickle Fated (10 pts) – Attain all 4 gifts from the Room of Fate.

Each time you make it to the Room of Fate is an opportunity to earn one of four game-changing power ups.

The Whole Nine Yards (10 pts) – Fire your weapon continuously for 2 minutes.

In Dead Ops Arcade, open fire and don’t stop shooting!

False Idol (10 pts) – Kill the golden cow during a stampede.

Take out a glowing bull with explosives to earn treasure and this achievement.

Conshie (10 pts) – Survive a round of co-op play without killing any enemies or dying.

Make your friends do everything in a single round of Dead Ops Arcade.

Lazy Boy (10 pts) – Finish a round without moving from your starting position.

Hold your ground and mow down enemies from all directions.

Nazis, I hate these guys (10 pts) – Kill 1000 enemies.

Be the ultimate zombie slayer by collecting 1000 kills in…

Load up Dead Ops Arcade and go to town.

How far along have you gotten in your achievement hunting? Which of these had you totally stumped? If you haven’t yet given it a try, be sure to pick up Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies from the app store now for some serious zombie slaying on the go. Follow us on the official Black Ops Facebook page and Twitter (@Treyarch) for all the latest Black Ops info.