Competitive and Casual Clan Needs Founders!

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Competitive and Casual Clan Needs Founders!

Celerity Gaming

"Swiftness of Action"

Obviously we didn't glitter this post up for anyone, because presentation isn't what makes or breaks a clan. We could easily post each of our players' stats here for the world to verify, but that doesn't let you experience playing with us. We're not looking for players who have the best stats or the most awards. We're looking for the players who want more from their gaming experience. We're looking for leaders. We're looking for role models. We're looking for people who want to leave their mark on the gaming community, in the way they want to. This is not a copy and paste recruitment post, as each is hand typed by one of our three Celerity Gaming Commanders. This one in particular was typed by Celerity Azazel. As you can see, we connect with players on a personal level. You're more than members - You're all people.

Casual Gaming

Celerity Gaming offers membership to anyone that wants to join. Though we are currently doing Black Ops II and Ghosts, we are accepting members who play absolutely any games on any platforms. You do not have to be one of the greatest players of all time. All we ask is that you have a can-do attitude, sense of sportsmanship, and stay active. From Clan Ops to Custom Games, we will all be willing to play with you.

Competitive Gaming

Perhaps your forte is Gamebattles and MLG competition? No problem. The conductor of all competitive play is Celerity ApeX, one of our newly promoted Commanders. If you are interested in competitive gaming, then congratulations-- It's time to prove yourself to us. On our applications page on our website, you will be asked to provide your statistics with whichever game you are gaming competitively in. Our requirements will not be listed or known to anyone but Commanders of Celerity Gaming. After you are registered and apply, please search for and contact Celerity ApeX on our website. If you are an Xbox LIVE gamer, add Awakening LE or send him a message.

Ranking System

Our ranking system consists of 21 total ranks, from Trainee to Commander. All ranks are obtainable to members-- Yes, even Commander if you put in the time and effort. Each rank has it's own responsibilities and promotional tasks. You must stay at one rank for a full week (7 total days) before you may be eligible for a promotion. Here is the list of all the ranks in Celerity Gaming:





Private First Class



Field Officers

Staff Sergeant

Sergeant First Class

Master Sergeant

Command Sergeant Major

Commissioned Officers

2nd Lieutenant

1st Lieutenant


Command Officers


Lieutenant Colonel



Brigadier General

Major General

Lieutenant General



Not convinced?

Feel free to register an Enjin account and join our site as a guest and talk with us personally on our website chat module. We will answer any and all questions you have, and may even be able to make changes that suit your own personal needs.

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Re: Competitive and Casual Clan Needs Founders!

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Still recruiting! Needing some leaders to get us going!

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Re: Competitive and Casual Clan Needs Founders!

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Still recruiting!

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