DeusX Machina-Gods of the machine,now recruiting talent!

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DeusX Machina-Gods of the machine,now recruiting talent!

''God From The Machine''

We are gods that come during the darkest and hopeless of nights to suddenly and unexpectedly provide a contrived solution to an insoluble obstacle

WE OVERCOME ALL! Fear us, or rally behind us as you see fit.No matter how mighty, or formidable our foe may be! Those of you with power, fear us! Those of you without it, rally behind us! We, The Gods From The Machine , shall be the ones who stand in judgment of this world.

our family is looking to expand.............we are not looking just anyone,no,  we are looking for you.Think you got what it takes to run with us? then apply yourself to this godly clan.we are moving to ghosts after this xmas.

our founders have gained most their fps experience in battlefield,now they search for a more challenging game to conquer.Join them to reap your own rewards.

we are open to most, but we do have an ideal type of player.good characteristics to impress us as follows:

kills approx 5000 with a 2 kdr on one account.

thats all, selected candidates will be asked to meet up in a public match to get to know one each other.


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