Looking for a PS3 BO2 Clan

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Looking for a PS3 BO2 Clan


K/D: 0.75  

Mic: Yes

Active: Yes

Prestige: 2

Level: 33

Reply on here or message me on psn

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Re: Looking for a PS3 BO2 Clan

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PS3 clan xPerion is RECRUITING MEMBERS. We do a lot of daily clan ops as well as all the clan members play quite a bit. If you are really interested in a clan where LEAGUE PLAY is involved. THIS will be a fantastic clan for you. We also play together on Sundays and wreck PS3 lobbies .. Apply for us on COD ELITE. xPerion!!!, Then, add MvPTop on PSN to play League Play/ Pubs with me!! We also Snipe a lot too! We have been looking for people who wants to have fun while sniping as well as have a really good time !!

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Re: Looking for a PS3 BO2 Clan

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Chaos United is a small, established clan (level 24) that is looking to expand.  We are a clan that cares more about dedication and loyalty than your K/D or SPM.  Playing as a team wins more games than any 1 person alone.

  • Age Limit - 18+ (if you are younger, you can still apply.  Approval will be based on maturity level)
  • Mic - While it isn't required, it is recommended.  Communication is KEY
  • Stats - None, they don't matter
  • Game Modes - We play them all
  • Clan Website - www.chaosunited.us

If you are interested, register and apply at the clan website.  Make sure you are registered on COD elite so you can be sent an invite.  If you have any questions, you can either PM here or on the website.

See you around


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Re: Looking for a PS3 BO2 Clan

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You may join Given No Respect, we are a new clan that just started up looking for members, two at the moment. We are mature, fun to play with and always sign up to various weekly, daily and clan ops (Clan ops depends on time). We are looking for people of the age of 15 and above, we would enjoy all game modes and we have no problem doing any game modes you enjoy. We don't mind what your KD is, we just want you to have fun. We are looking for people who are active and don't mind contributing in the challenges and ops

You can apply at our clan page here: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/8635419
We look forward to hearing from you soon, you will be accepted in 24 hours at most.

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