Looking for any decent clans

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Looking for any decent clans

I Use mostly snipers but I can use any gun if necessary my K/D isn't all that good hope that doesn't harm my chances of joining a clan

i play a lot of bo2 so hope someone sees This ill be waiting for any responses

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Re: Looking for any decent clans

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Full Mag gaming is now lookign for new members we are strng clan with fantastic communications. with a strong structure and very active. check us out


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Re: Looking for any decent clans

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if you play bo2 on 360 then my clan is looking for new people to join there's just 4 of us right now but we are really good and looking for people that will help us out. #TEAMTOXIC# is the name of the clan. We play allot of TDM, zombies, and we compete in every challenge we can on elite, if you are interested let me kno

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