PC Custom Game Group opens to set up games we couldn't play.

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PC Custom Game Group opens to set up games we couldn't play.


Have you ever wanted to play a certain map in a certain game mode for a whole evening?

Playing with 13 or 14 or 5 class creation points?

Ever wanted to play without SMG or with only SMG available?

Ever wanted to play the game your way?

Sobbing about the loss of Hardcore FFA and CTF?

Want to play Nuketown all the time?

Demolition with endless bombtimer to get a TDM with set spawns?

New maps with hardcore?

We all are probably aware that we can set up matches with our own rules but play only against bots or with mates. It is quite difficult to find people to play the match you'd like to and thats where our Custom Game Group comes into play. The CGG for PC users only (sorry console guys, set up your own) alows for exactly that. We are still at ironing out the rules and the conditions of how to set up matches but it is functional already.

What is required to be part of it?

Not much actually. For now we settled ourselves at http://www.moddb.com/groups/bo2-custom-game-group but are considering to transicion over to a steam group. A steam group will be required anyway to get people into the friendlist and then adding them into the game.

How do I set up a match?

It is a bit tricky because we aren't yet known and well we need players. It works out like this. The integrated forum can be used to set up a game suggestion together with a poll. When you find enough players to participate you can set a time, like a weekend. And then its up for you and the players to actually meet in the game and set the rules on how they agreed to them.

We are not really a clan but clans can use it. Everyone using it has to be seen as an individual. You can however form a team within us. There are currently 2 people, me Nero and Loner who keep it going and set it up. In total we have 7 members so far. If there is a problem of some sort you can pm us and we take a look into it. Do read the rules which you can see in the group description, they are not yet entirelly final (forget that whole master crap)  tough. The group is private to control who joins and sets up matches. Last thing we need is some troll posting dozens of unpleasant pictures.

Thats about it for now. I'll be checking this topic every now and then sp if you have questions you can also post in here I might get to reply some.

See you around

Nero from the PC Custom Game Group

btw. when restricting the guns to the peacekeeper only and some other gun the bots will run around with it. Its a good opportunity to pick it up and try it out in case one hasn't bought the DLC.

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