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We are recruiting  members for PS3 GHOST, the current clan will not be making the transition to PS4. We play tactically and have great communication skills to ensure victory playing mostly core objective based games. For black ops II we took part in clan ops, daily/weekly challenges including zombies, my favorite clan battles, and hosted clan tournaments. We send out messages informing the clan of what is happening for the week and how everyone performed during each of those events. We also have a dedicated clan facebook and will have a youtube channel and webpage up and running within the next week. We are smaller than some clans having roughly 15 active members after losing over half from the PS4/GHOST transition. For those of you that do not already know GHOST is focused a lot on clan activities making it really fun to be in a clan. They will have two week clan competitions matching you against 7 other clans in similar size and skill that you will compete against for the two weeks starting the 25th of November. We can also compete against other clans 4v4 rather than random COD players. In addition certain equipment can only be unlocked by clan challenges. If you would like to join you can send a message to BEASTMODE_207 on PSN. All of our members are actively playing at least 5 if not 7 days of the week.  I am the leader currently ranked around 15,000 in the world overall, 3rd prestige, and ranked a couple hundred in the world in certain game modes.


K/D 1.00+

Have a mic!!! (use your mic)


a passion for the game

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