looking for clan cod ghosts (ps3)

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looking for clan cod ghosts (ps3)

im 1.84 kdr and I have a mic,i play core tdm,dominate,s&d,ctf I am 22 years old,im looking for a 1.40+ kdr clan for ghosts,need a clan that groups up and plays together almost all the time,tired of joining clans that don't group up together at all,if interested reply on here

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Re: looking for clan cod ghosts (ps3)

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Hey bro, i'm the leader of MYO Gaming. You can check us out if you want at myoclan.com. We're always on ghosts, and we truly are an active clan (almost level 9 already). Consequently we ask all members to use the site to chat and stay up to date weekly. We have a few lobbies on now if u want to play. And i'll be on later. Add Killerreddragon, put looking for clan in the msg. We are mostly all above 1.5kd in Ghosts. We always play together. That's why my w/l ration is almost 6. Anyway, play a few games with the guys, and if you get along well apply on the site. myoclan.com

Thanks bud,

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Re: looking for clan cod ghosts (ps3)

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Want to a lead a team onto the virtual battlefield? To call the shots that leads your team to victory?

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