Please Read: YouTubers & Streamers

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Please Read: YouTubers & Streamers

Hello forumites,

Montages, clips and streams are a bustling part of our community and are enjoyed by many on our forum. The purpose of this post is to provide a positive guideline for our expectations on how such content should be created and distributed here. It's quite simple really. Give this a good read and forward any questions you may have to any of our moderators.

Please do:

- Provide a description of your presentation.

- Post original and exciting content.

- Seek feedback on your quality and presentation.

- Find a healthy balance of humor and information.

- Understand that our community reserves the right to dislike your content within reason.

- Inform our community that your media may contain content that is deemed mature.

Please don't:

- Present content that is laced with profanities and obscenities.

- Ask us to subscribe, support, comment, like, or rate any of your content.

- Post a link to your YouTube, Twitch, or other media service's channel only.

- Expect us to provide troubleshooting for your video capturing hardware and software.

- Spread your content by means of spam or other disruptive methods.

Posting guidelines:

- One thread is all that is needed when posting new content.

- For the best amount of views and feedback, please place your one thread in either the platform of your content's origin or in a populated general section.

- Do not intentionally bump your thread by any means.

- Please keep your thread formatting visually friendly. Capslock, neon colored text and unnecessary fonts will detract from visitors.

Please note that like the Code of Conduct, this thread is expected to have been read and will be enforced. Thank you for reading.

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