A few issues with the game. Any help?

Call of Duty Black Ops II PC

A few issues with the game. Any help?

My first issue is the matchmaking system. I started playing on the 30th of March and I'm at a level 30-something. My KD is awful. Right now it's a 0.48. I constantly get matched up with people that are so much higher than my skill level. I realize that the matchmaking system doesn't take player skill into effect, but I really think it should. I've played for 20 hours and are just getting a little bit used to the game. About 20% of the time I will have a KD 1 or over in a match and that is really bad.

Which leads to my second issue. I'm pretty good at Counter Strike and other FPS games but this one I'm just so awful at. Why? No matter what approach I take, I always get sniped or one shotted by shotguns. However, when I use shotguns, I can't one shot anyone. I use the MP7 and usually run around the map, hopefully finding people to kill. This always leads me to getting one shotted. How do I improve my skill in the game, because this is really frustrating.

Thanks for reading this and please, help me.

EDIT: Yesterday I disabled mouse acceleration so don't suggest that as an improvement.

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Re: A few issues with the game. Any help?

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Hey man, here's a tip. Try playing some Combat Training at first to help improve your skill. You'll be fighting less experienced people and bots, so that should help you. I used to be in the same situation as you, After about 4 months of Combat Training, I was ready to take on the world. Now i average 30 kills a game. Add me if you want some further tips from an advanced player

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