Freezing at menu and loading screen

Call of Duty Black Ops II PC

Freezing at menu and loading screen

So I just bought Black Ops 2 ffor PC and installed it. At first it played great. The first thing I did was hop onto multiplayer for about an hour doing some demolition and domination, and then decided to check out zombie mode. I go to load zombie mode and I get stuck at the black screen with the treyarch logo in the bottom loading. The only thing is the orange light that spins around it is frozen and the only way to get out of the screen is to go to task manager and end the process. As soon as it closes steam opens another instance of zombies which also freezes then repeats the process. TO get it to stop I have to end the steam process first. Sometimes it gets to the menu and freezes there.  The wierd part is that the audio continues to play normally. So I go back to multiplayer and now I have the same problem, also single player does it too. So I update my graphics card driver and no luck. Kind of annoyed since I bought the game right after work and payed 60$ for it but now cant even play it.

i7  2670QM 2.2 ghz

geForce GT640M

8gb mem

Win 7 64 bit

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