Mote Reticle Off - Killcam Related?

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Re: Mote Reticle Off - Killcam Related?

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Well - thanks anyway. I hope they do at least patch this...shame they had to ruin something that was working okay.

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Re: Mote Reticle Off - Killcam Related?

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Holy crap, I still haven't tried it myself but I noticed people who usually outscore me were suffering bad.

I know I am getting better at playing but not over the last couple nights. People who at least put up a good fight were going negative on their k/d. I can tell you for sure the game pad remains unaffected. And I see with the reticle moving on wiimote.

As I would get shot at by an enemy they would miss cause I was moving then I would end up getting them. (this usually doesn't happen with most of the people I play against) They never seemed to get an accurate second shot off. LIke what barolb was saying about it falling as you shoot. I think that is one of the exact problems with the wiimote. I hope they fix this or explain how to re set up you wiimote settings to fix. I love being number one but only when earned. And I know some of the people I was playing against tonight usually beat me bad. And I kept going to the top of scoring.

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Re: Mote Reticle Off - Killcam Related?

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You've just got a +1 for acknowledging this.

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