list of balance issues

Call of Duty Black Ops II Wii-U

list of balance issues

starts with the less common ones on the furom.

the one that everyone knows about like poor lagcomp, and very poor wiimote/DA balance are near the bottom.

1: grip: doesnt reduce kick, increases recenter speed.

2. wiimote built in sway(place wiimote facing bar in deadzone, hold it still or on solid surfice and you can see the wiimote/screen sway). Y, wiimoters have to deal with real sway. i dont see a issue with that amount for sniping with wiimote, or slightly higher(not current sniping amount). but normal ADS, keep all sway real.

3. longbarrel. this broke shotgun balance and hurt SMG balance(onlong with map design).  it is SP for shotguns, gave KSG and remington ranges well beyond what can be considered balanced. while some shotguns like the S12 need it to be balanced. longberral should be removed and default range for shotties should be buffed to half longberrel added range. or purminit longberrel for guns like S12.

3.1 For SMG's it gives them medium/long range capabilities. SMG's already benefit to much from map design alone, with this AR's and sometimes even LMG's are outgunned by SMG's at medium/shorter long range. only range SMG's can be used to max potential is shotgun OHK range, anything beyond that should be weaker do to range. it will also give AR's LMG's more of a place in the medium, and few long range engagments in the game.

4. chicom CQB/ B23 pistol.  B23 is well a burst pistol, the issue is its stronger than the chicrom which is a primary weapon but not only that the primary equivilant to the B23. at MAX B23 should be the CQB with a smaller clip. but from gameplay, it is alot stronger than that. B23 default firepower should be the CQB's when its just outside its range for max damadge. CQB should also be the longest range SMG do to be burst fire.

5.DS/awarness. both are next to useless. normal footsteps should be quiter than your footsteps and need to be sitting still to hear those withen 10-15 feet of you. DS should be silant except against awarness. awarness should make footsteps noticable 5-10 feet away when running, 15-20 feet away when sitting still. and with awarness you need to listen closly to use it effectivly.

6.shockcharge: needs nerf compared to flash/stun. but honostly i wouldnt have any secondary grenades in the game in the first place.

7.streaks. UAV needs to be ruffly the same as hunterkiller. UAV should be 25 away from CUAV. those spots are based on streak effectivness compared to eachother. the current UAV is balanced for FFA, like in every other cod.  there is the issues of wiimote not working on some. also VTOL warship needs to be able to survive direct hits from 4-5 normal rockets(still OHK from normal lockon rocket). shouldnt be able to imediatly kill that high of a killstreak.

8. assault shield, needs to have the fastest movement speed of every class.

9. knife is broke, BO had it fine, MW3 had lag issues making fake knife problems. last time knife was truley OP was MW2 which had a terrable perk balance.

10. targetfinder. biggest issue is the lack of kick and flash. this sight do to its zoom should be greatly hindered by flash zoom. also coldblooded should stop all its functions, not jsut the red diamond.

11. mapdesign to much CQB. also maps out of rotation, hurts FFA, but multyteam(where you fight 6 people instead of 7, who tend to be in 1 area instead of spread throughout the level) doesnt have maps taken out, FFA does. if anything the maps with teh worst spawning should be taken out.

12. wiimote glithces/DA balance, probly most common on wiiU thread. but not a issue with keyboardmouse/DA balance on PC. instead wiiU gets stronger aimassist than other consules, strong aimassist will NEVER be the balance answer on a nintendo consul. when it has it eather A only works well for DA, or is broken alltogether. best to have weak aimassist, comparabable to PC. for both PC and wiiU keyboard/wiimote, should never be the underpowered controler, under any circumstance. simply because the both only have the effective use of those controles, dont gimp them. as for glitches, ADS ignoors imput.

13. lagcomp. built in lagcomp is terrable. this game on a  lan connection = MW2 2bar connection. without the fake lag connection si on par with MW2,  and MW2 has virtualy no fake lag. lagcomp has been known to give players advantiges/disadvantiges at times.

14, missed: prone animation, up should be imediat, up wiht the screen, down should be delayed do to dropshoting issues, but up should work fine, and prevents headglitching issues.

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Re: list of balance issues

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Shockcharges dont need nerfing, they are fine. Engineer sees them, and tactical mask makes them useless. As a rusher, I have not had a problem with them whatsoever.

I'm diasppointed enough that concussions are getting nerfed, bad players just like to cry that they have to use tact mask.

The VTOL warship needs a tremendous buff. i called in one today and it lasted 5 seconds before being got rid of. It got insta flattened by a rocket... i mean come on... its a 1600 pointstreak, not a 350 like a damn UAV.

agreeing with lag, but thats not gonna get fixed ever, so i stopped caring.

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