C4 needs to be changed somehow.

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Re: C4 needs to be changed somehow.

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C4 essentially replaces the frag and semtex, and is offered a very large blast radius.  IMO, it's too powerful.  The proper way to balance C4 is if it can only be detonated once it lands somewhere, and the throwing distance is reduced.


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Re: C4 needs to be changed somehow.

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You are correct, ABOUT BLACK OPS 3! The new C4 mechanics are booboo , but then again im a die-hard BO2 C4 fan! It's so versatile and easy to use. It does take some getting used to. Since C4 came into my life on BO2, the game got so much more exciting for me. In the beginning , i was HORRID at it. Then i design a ninja class (The NINJA Class) which ill share in a second. Well why not now: PERK 1 - Lightweight____ PERK(s) 2 - Fast Hands/Scavenger____PERK(s)3 - Dextarity/Awareness___ DANGER CLOSE for carrying 2 bombs. 2 bombs are important, one can be a random, (double tap X to detonate without throwing second/And while still airborne) or both can be used against someone with flak jacket, NOTE: Scavenger perk allows for bomb reuptake(only if none of yor c4 are out in the map!!) !!  When running with no firearm on your class , you will hone your C4 skills QUICKLY!! When you get better , DONT CHANGE THE CLASS! Just pickup weapons off ground. If you know your allies have good weapons, find theirs, or take one off a fallen victom... If you wanna see my laggy ass in action , i have almost 50 vids on youtube, just google/youtube ChkVdo or ChckVdo!!


Here is a direct link! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo3gokA8OIa2S_iIX0iyk-Q

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