Clan iEnVy, Recruiting for BOPS 2 (xbox 360) ages 12-16

Call of Duty Black Ops II Xbox 360

Clan iEnVy, Recruiting for BOPS 2 (xbox 360) ages ...

Recruiting members ages 12-16

Recruiting members ages 12-16 for black ops 2 for xbox 360. We are ofc a Rising quickscoping clan. We will do YouTube vid's FWI if thats what ur looking forward into & Once we get enough members we will sign up will Call of Duty Elite and Do Clan vs Clan wars etc. We r looking forward to making this clan WW (WorldWide) for the people who doesn't know what that means. We are Friendly & Competitive. But we can also just mess around. We will do 6-12 man lobby's. However if you want to join aka "Tryout" You will need to be Somewhat active. You don't need to be on 24/7 but if you want to participate and make that Mula & Make ppl rage quit? I suggest getting on. We have like 6 members so far. & I will be making a YouTube channel. We are looking forward into seeing some replies and having some fun.


Headset aka Mic. (May allow kinetic. Leaders choice)

Competitiveness when we need it.

No being mean to other clan members if you don't like the way they talk etc or Squeakers.

No disrespecting or making people in the clan feel bad.

Limited amount of profanity (Cursing).

We want to be a clean & Deadly clan.



Message Gamer tag for xbox 360 below and your K/D and favorite game mode, If interested. ^^

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