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League Play Ranks

Let's talk about league play!

I want to know what you have to do to get into a certain division?

Example: What do you have to do to get into Platnium or Master?

Do you have to win a certain amount of games or what?

Please leave a very detailed respnse to this question.

Also, how do you get promoted?

I was playing with my friend after a I got ranked, which was Silver rank 21, and after the game we played, which we won, I got promoted to gold division.

I'm now Rank 1 in gold division and I want to know how to get promoted to the next division.

Please respond to these questions. Thanks!  -REVO

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Re: League Play Ranks

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To whome this may concern,

Dear friend,

League play is very simple. There are two gamemodes, one being the champion series (Which I am platinum) and one is Team Death Match series (unranked in currently due to new season).

The Ideaology behind league play is to match you up with people with similar skills/rank compared with you as a player. It is supposed to be an intense, competitive gamemode whereby you achieve mission success no matter what the cost is.

There are two ways to rank up in league play, one is an easy way and one is the harder way.

The ranking system in League play is like a ladder:

Top of the ladder:

          MASTER RANK [DIVISION] [Followed by subdivision based on your ranking number / 200]

          PLAT RANK       [SAME AS ABOVE]

          GOLD RANK      [ SAME AS ABOVE]

          SILVER RANK    [SAME as above]



Bottom of the ladder

All these divisions you see (ranks) have subdivions based on your ranking number in these divisions.

You are placed into a "rank", or better known as a division when you complete your 5 games.

If you win all 5 games you will be placed at a high plat rank or a lower Master rank.

If you lose the majority of the games, you will be placed into a lower ladder division, something like bronze or silver.

If you are bad, you will be in the iron division.

Remember it does not matter what your KD is, THIS IS ONLY DEPENDENT ON HOW MANY GAMES YOU WIN.

once you play your 5 games and are placed into a division, in your case the silver division, you must work your way through by winning as many games as possible, accumulating points, until you work your way up to number 1 of your division, in your case the silver division. Once you pass the quota for number 1, you are placed into gold, starting at the bottom rank and working your way up again, accumulating points. Now you are gold 1, you have to work your way up to plat quota.

Easiest way to get Plat/master is to have a good team. Soild team of 4. People that do not let you down, people that cover their side of the map. Communicating non stop.

Good luck. Remember teamwork is the way forward. Lonewolfs tend to get decimated. With my team, we move around in packs.

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Re: League Play Ranks

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i won 4 out of five games for the past 6 seasons of league and ive been placed in iron and bronze only. i carried my teams in all games.

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Re: League Play Ranks

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It's better to run with at least 2 other friends you can count on, but if you can't then whenever your in a lobby at least have 2 other people on your team to have a mic. I did solo league play and got into master these past 2 seasons, from what I have heard is your first placement game counts the most;however, you have to do extremely well though. The other placement matches just play the objective and try to have the most captures and so forth.

Once you get placed, it is mostly all about wins and so forth.......

Good Luck!!!!!

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Re: League Play Ranks

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It is based on if you play objective and is not on how you carry your team but how your team plays as well.

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Re: League Play Ranks

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Just play a lot of league play, its best to play CHAMPION SERIES


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