Server Down ----- HACKERS ! COD cancer!

Call of Duty Black Ops II Xbox 360

Server Down ----- HACKERS ! COD cancer!

So I jumped with my friends in a lobby , started game , all good, played a while, got orbital VSAT, then boom, server got downed. All people from the server got kicked , then I sayd , hm must be a host problem, but no... In 2 minutes me and one of my friends got a message [Removed by Moderator.] I'm very very very upset I deleted the message he send me , but me and my friends reported a file complaint both on BO2 and xbox , now I'm going to to start a topic about this. This isnt the first time it happened, but I never thought hackers would be behind this . TREYARCH do something about it , do something about hackers , this game is good , but community full of kids with hacks.  Anyone had this problem ? these Hackers are like cancer for COD !!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Server Down ----- HACKERS ! COD cancer!

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You reported him like you were supposed to. Good on you, but that's the extent of what can be done.

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