Some shotgun speculation/questions/opinions

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Some shotgun speculation/questions/opinions

This is going to be a discussion on shotguns. I am a huge shotgun fan. In MW3, my top 5 weapons are the KSG, Striker,AA-12. Model 1887 and USAS with 3500,3000,3000,2500 and 1200 kills respectively. I may be weird for trying to defend them and lead the shotguns to a bright future considering people may call be biased because of my play style. I will defend them anyways.

Anyways, in Black Ops 2, the shotguns aren't looking so great. Notably the pump action shotgun. The range looked rather weak. It's only natural to assume that semi auto and full auto shotguns have less range, because that's balanced, so I'm a bit nervous about the other shotguns as well. From the look of things, they look like they are going to be a flop, yet again. Just like Black Ops and in World at War. There seems to be a mind set that they are trivial toys, meant to be weak. That is not true. They are meant to be the undisputed kings of close quarters, surpassing even the SMG, at the cost of range. Their power dilutes incredibly over range. It's completely unfair for an SMG to be superior to a sniper at extreme ranges, and the same applies for the opposite direction. The main problem with the past shotties is that their effectiveness isn't that great, and a knife would be almost just as good in that scenario since a knife can never run out of ammo and kills 100% of the time.

However, there needs to be balance. I was there for the Model 1887s in Modern Warfare 2. I was there for Treyarch's disastrous silenced AA-12 epidemic for Quantum of Solace. It was absolutely ridiculous. I am hoping that Treyarch can make them the monsters that they are, without causing a shit storm.

What will there be to make the shotguns competitive? What about shotgun attachments? Are there perhaps slugs? Is there a damage/range increasing attachment? If these do exist, will there be attachments to convince people to try to use something else other than range/damage?

In Modern Warfare 3, the shotguns are pretty good when you level them up. I play Face Off all the time with my good pal and we tend to shotgun it up. We'll use 1887s or KSGs and we can put kids in the ground relatively easy. We know our limits and we play within them. Shotguns are close quarters weapons and as long as we travel in them, we can play just fine. Yet in Black Ops, this isn't the case for me. The Stakeout has very poor range and damage output and many times I get panic knifed while I get a hitmarker. In most cases I just end up using the SPAS because A)I can't hit the broad side of a barn in Black Ops and B) the SPAS is infinitely more consistent, plus it has a silencer.

Speaking of weak shotguns, let's change the subject for a moment and talk about powerful shotguns. In particular, the semi auto variety. I've never had a problem with full auto shotguns in CoD, and the one in Black Ops 2 looks fairly balanced. I won't comment on them. I will mention the semi kind. In MW3, the Striker is completely aggravating. It is quite powerful, has 12 shots and can one shot fairly easy. In Black Ops 2, please make sure there is balance within the shotguns as well. It's not just enough to ensure that the shotguns are merely balanced compared to the SMGs or the ARs, but they have to be given a certain niche in their own category. In MW3, the Model rewards infallible accuracy. It has the furthest range of the shotgun and when paired with damage, is completely devastating if you are a crackshot sniper with the thing. Yet, it has low RoF, a slow reload time and the works. The KSG and Spas on the other hand, aren't as good as the Model, but they make up for that fact in other areas. The AA-12 is completely out classed by the Striker though, so using it is fairly pointless.

So, without trying to ramble, here is what should happen. Tune each of them so that they all excel at something. Don't make one that is completely inferior to another. That one pump shotgun that destroys anything it can accurately lay its eyes on? Give it lower ammo, lower fire rate etc.

Since perks no longer affect the weapons itself, it should be interesting living in a world of no Sleight of Hand and Steady Aim. Shotguns are quite perk-reliant since they are completely unforgiving if you have the wrong set up, so I'm hoping there are some attachments that can create some interesting set ups.

Thanks for listening, and I hope I didn't ramble, I tend to do that. If you don't like something I said, bring it up and I'll comment on it.

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