Things that I hope Treyarch should be thinking about implementing

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Things that I hope Treyarch should be thinking about implementing

Sorry if I use to many MW3 references but its the only current examples I can think of, sorry about the run on sentences and everything.

1, Gold Titles- I have nothing agianst the title editor or anything I like the creativity that people show but Treyyarch should put in something that IW does with the Gold Titles for head shots for rifles, people bring up the camo thats a good idea but I also like the Title idea because I like showing it off because I worked my ass off to get it. I don't want the title spam that IW does I prefer the create your own, but the Gold Titles though I really do enjoy and makes me want to keep on trying to achieve with a weapon, and with the harder weapons to get gold with like Pistols or something it feels rewarding even though you spent maybe a month or more of total time getting it. The Funniest reponses to a gold title I ever got is when I got gold with the AA-12 in MW2

2. Kill Streaks don't count towards the total score of the game mode just with that individual persons total, for example a person goes 40 and 5 but still loses because the game only counts five of his kills going towards the total score of the game because I feel kill streaks shouldn't decide whether a team shouldn't win or lose Reapers,Preds,ACs shouldn't decide the outcome of the game. I know its practically kill confirmed with out grabbing tags.

3. Stackable killstreaks, you should be able to earn with your kill streaks but like it was brought up on here only a max of two kills can be earned for your next kill streak.

4. Recyling of kill streaks- This I really did find as a welcomed sight to MW3 and is a good idea because it allows players to not to commit suicide in order to get there kill streaks back and it rewards good players for staying alive and helping the team.

5. No Death Streaks- Obviously

6. Reduce the power on weapons with little to no recoil for example ACR from MW3 compared to the same weapon in MW2  no gun should be that powerful with no recoil otherwise it creates a real balancing issue, same with the MP7.

7. No Akimboing of any weapon including pistols, it screws with the balance of the game and with secondaries becoming Primaries.

8. Two versions of KDR one without kill streaks the other with the use of kill streaks this way people can figure out whether they are just that legit at playing or the Kill Streaks help pad there stats.

9. Elite competitions should have there own seperate playlist with other competitiers from elite rather than having it spill over into the regular matches and it also prevents boosting to a certain extent because everybody in that play list is going for the same thing.

10. MOAB to return but it has to be moved to thirty kills without a death with no kill streak interference and the kills also don't count towards the total for the game.

11. No Lag- Obviously wish it could happen

12. Trophy System to be brough back- love it screws people out of easy kills with Preds

13. If for some reason they bring back a carpet bomber of some type make it a 12 killstreak in assault 

13. remove UAV from assault and if treyarch does bring back an assault class move it there with Counter UAV and move it from a three to a five with counter a six ballistic vests at five, and black bird is a twelve

14. if you want to be invisible from everything you have to use all three perk spots or points rather than just two in MW3.

15. Specialist to return- same as it is in MW3

Last but not least if they do weapon proficiencies whatever you do make sure you can't put rapid fire on a burst weapon.

Otherwise thats it hate on it, love it, make love to it, I don't care just what I would like to see. There is probably more I can think of but this is more than enough to annoy you guys with probably all the spelling errors and run on sentences, so I'll leave it at that.

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Re: Things that I hope Treyarch should be thinking about implementing

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Good list only here's are cons: 2.) If you're gonna make killstreaks pointless to a game score then they should just be done away with in the game period because in essence they will become means for ONE player to get kills (promotes kill whores).

3.) Stackable killstreaks with only two kills from a streak counting towards the next one then having this coupled with streaks not eem affecting the total score then again take them out the game...that makes it a pointless feature.

7.) I agree but disagree. Akimbo PISTOLS are fine...if you're getting owned by akimbo pistols then somebody isn't thinking logically as a player. BUT AKIMBO MACHINE PISTOLS IS A HELL NO! Somebody shouldn't be able to outgun a AR & SMG at medium range with Akimbo Skorpions lol.

10.) 25 straight gun kills is enough for a MOAB and should be left at that....EVERYONE isn't getting MOAB's so leave it be.

13.) UAV spam won't stop...people can easily switch to a support class and keep it moving. If UAV's are such a problem EQUIP A LAUNCHER OR A SAM TURRET STREAK AND HANDLE IT.

Other than that your points are pretty decent and I agree with you. I just think players need to understand that they aren't the only ones playing this game and multiple play styles come with being a COD player so adapt to them all and learn how to tackle each.

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Re: Things that I hope Treyarch should be thinking about implementing

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Some interesting ideas, love these threads that are thought out and make us think.

My thoughts-

1) Will have to see how this works. I liked the emblem editor, but maybe have gun challenges unlock certain symbols, and make that the only way to earn them? Intriguing.

2)Disagree. The game is not about individual stats, its about having a team win (obviously not including FFA, etc). The idea of killstreaks is to supplement the team, move them towards that goal. If you remove that, whats the point of getting them? So people can brag about their KD?

3)No No No No No. Earn your kills, don't have an AI streak do it for you. Killstreaks should be a reward for YOU getting kills, not a proxy for you.

4) Wouldn't mind this, although I would make one change. People take advantage of this by choosing one killstreak, say Ballistic Vests, and then can just keep earning that streak, thus spamming it. Make it so that you either choose all your killstreak slots, or get none at all.

5) Treyarch and Death Streaks - Never had em, never will

6) It will be interesting to see how they handle balance. There will always be more and less powerful weapons to keep the game a challenge.

7) Agreed, its just silliness, in my opinion. I hope there are no automatic secondaries... just pistols, specials, and lock on launchers. Bring skill back to the secondary.

8) Not that important. I want to see Combat Record back so I can keep up with my personal progress, but I don't care that much about KDR.

9) An interesting idea, not sure how it would work,however, as not sure how they would keep people not involved out of those...

10) No. They've never had something like that, and they don't need it. Its a selfish reward that people do silly things to obtain. Not needed, not wanted.

11) Afraid it will always be there until everyone in the word is on a hard wired network, and even then we'd see it. But would like to see how the programmers help us minimize its impact.

12)No issues with that, as long as they bring back a counter like the EMP grenade, one of the things I would like to see brought back.

13) UAV is a must, its critical for team play. I agree it could be a higher streak and tweaks can be made (one in the air at a time, perhaps a reset time between them), but is a valuable, selfless streak that helps the team and can be overcome. Will be interesting to see how they set up the streaks in this game. Concept was good on MW3, execution not as much.

14) Not sure I agree with this. There are ways to overcome the stealth perks, and you always sacrifice something when you make a perk choice. Rumor is perk and class setup are changing, can't wait for more information.

15) Love love love Specialist as I am not a fan of killstreaks. I like being able to make ME the killstreak.

Proficiencies are not my favorite thing. Range on a shotgun or SMG? Not sure who thought that was a great idea. We'll see if 3Arc chooses to keep them.

Thanks for the insightful post. I think we are all ready for the big MP reveal.

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Re: Things that I hope Treyarch should be thinking about implementing

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I was going to read this but there's so many effing paragraphs! You guys should probably write the book nobody will read called "We Sit At Starbucks With Our Laptops and Reply To Retarted Discusions On The Black Ops 2 Forums Pretending We Are Actually Doing Something Important". jk you guys nice discusion

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Re: Things that I hope Treyarch should be thinking about implementing

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Mature. If you don't want to participate, nobody is making you. Don't need to denigrate others because you can't take the time to read something.

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Re: Things that I hope Treyarch should be thinking about implementing

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my recommendations are as followed.

Basically everything Cod4 had but ofc new maps, improved hit detection, as it is atm with no juggernaut or stopping power, the game would be so much better with the simple 3,5,7 killstreaks (just my opinion), even though few weapons were used it was easily the most balanced game weapon-wise.

Some extra things i think could make bops 2 one of the best yet would be, less clutter in maps, mw3 maps had far too much pointless clutter on the floor, as most people have requested, the removal of deathstreaks plus last stand, it makes no sense that if you, kill someone, they get a second chance at killing you o.O, some of the spawns that have been put into certain modes on some maps are poorly made, mainly CTF, and demolition overtime should be how it is on mw2 with the team with the highest amount of total kills gets to defend again. I could go on but i think this is enough to get started with.

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