i'm gonna get old school with this

Call of Duty Black Ops II Xbox 360

i'm gonna get old school with this

here is how i play. i hope you will play the same way:

i wont boost or use a modded controller

i wont use betties and shocks together

i wont head glitch you

i wont spawn camp you

i will always give you a way out, but be aware, i know that way out too and i like to hunt.

i'll be the one who kills you when you try to take the flag, or i may be the one that takes the flag from you, keeps it and kills your whole team.

i'll be the one that caps B dom, or i may be the one that prevents you from capping B dom.

i'll be the one that kills you when you are the last survivor of your team in S & D, or i may be the one that plants and protects or diffuses the bomb.

ill be the one at the top of the FFA match even though you didnt see it comming.

i'll be your nemesis in TDM

i'll be the last survivor in head quarters as the rest of my team cheers on while we win the match, or i'll be the punisher that kills every one of you and releases the headquarters.

i'll be a fearless tag collector in Kill Confirmed, or, i'll be waiting for you to collect those tags so i can put you in your place.

i'll stick you with my crosboow or balistic knife, or i'll just humiliate you by throwing a combat ax into our face, putting you at he bottom of the pile. once again.


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Re: i'm gonna get old school with this

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