Black Ops 2 [Freezing / Limited Editon PS3 2012]

Call of Duty Black Ops II Playstation 3

Black Ops 2 [Freezing / Limited Editon PS3 2012]

Hey guys,

So last night I went to Gamestop for black Friday, and made a few purchased.

I bought the new redesigned PS3, Black Ops 2 Kilo headset, and of course Black Ops 2 the game.

I was so eager to get home and play, but of course I have to run into some problems.

The game constantly lagged, so I thought hey it's black Friday a lot of people probably just got the game the servers must be crowded.

So I waited until the next morning to play, and there is no lag but now my damn system freezes.


A brand new PlayStation and a brand new game, constantly freezes and lags.

I'm about ready to take this shit back to Gamestop!

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Re: Black Ops 2 [Freezing / Limited Editon PS3 2012]

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In case you don't know, its not you, nor it's your system. It's the game! A lot of people are having the same problem like you. Treyarch released patch 1.03 in hopes of fixing these issues, but as I see it, it didn't fix a damn thing!

If I were you, I would wait for an update or patch 1.04. It's a great and fun game to be honest. Just sit tight and hope for patch 1.04 to come out soon.

I haven't played BO2 in like six days now. Had to reset my PS3 three times. After third reset, I basically said "F***k this!" Currently, I'm playing other games without any freezing, crashing.

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Re: Black Ops 2 [Freezing / Limited Editon PS3 2012]

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Yeah Me too, still have this problem =( Hope the will fix it soon, even the new patch didn't helped but Activions said it by themselves that some people even after patch will still have these problem =(

Hope they will fix this soon =)!

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