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had a guy last night in a round doing that to everyone.....I hear all these canisters being thrown behind me and of course I think it's an enemy. I turn around and it's a friggin team mate! "Team mate" being too kind of a term for someone like that, of course.

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I don't use EMPs.  If I'm going for equipment removal, its black hat for me.  And sure, I could be a bit more careful, but hoping that I or a teammate gets a UAV before I throw any grenades seems to be a bit ridiculous for my play style.  I don't sit back and throw grenades.  I constantly move towards the enemy spawn as I'm doing it.

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just take friendly fire out of hardcore.leave everything else the same..i don't see any point in it

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Don't throw grenades?

This is the nature of HC, they're not going to change the gamemode because you don't know how to play. You have to  know where your team is at all times, that's an important aspect of being successful in HC. Instead of throwing frag grenades throw stuns or concussion grenades. There are alternatives out there. Adapt to HC or don't play it.

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