CoD Casting Failure or Not?

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CoD Casting Failure or Not?

I ask this because the feature is sound and works as it should. The only reason many see it as a failure is because not enough have tried it or given it a fair chance. Plus there is only one way to really show off your work. I think if the feature allowed you to upload to other sites than just youtube it may have had a better chance. I also think if there was an actual CoD Casting subforum for people to show off their casting skills that maybe it would be seen different by some and maybe given another look at.

The forum would have to have strict rules about what types of casting was allowed, where it had to be full game play and not montages like QS or anything else like that. No asking for subs or likes or comments on the vidoe on youtube itself. And where no foul langue was used by the caster about how the players played the match. Anyone breaking the rules would not be allowed to post or link any more cod casted vidoes for at least 1-2 weeks.

The main reason for the subforum would be so people can show off their casting talent and get feedback on the forums on how well they sounded or how well they did at following the action and pace of the match. Maybe some sort of competition where the best caster would win a free dlc pack or something like that and once they win they are not eligble for any future dlc competitions.

I think the feature could be great if was given a better chance and more ways for it to be utilized than what is currently available.

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