Host Disconnection Problems (Xbox 360)

Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies


Host Disconnection Problems (Xbox 360)

Is it just me or has every Zombies game I've been in the game always goes into Host Migration and just disconnects the host to the whole group? I've had this happen a lot in BO2 and was wondering if Activision/Treyarch don't give a damn to fix this. No it's not my internet because this happens a lot when playing with randoms and it just lags for a bit then goes to host migration before bringing us back to the game with the host gone. Here's also a suggestion if this problem keeps happening, instead of having the host leave why not choose a different one or better yet, have the game chose the one with a less guarantee this will happen. P.S. If you comment saying "PS3 is better" and all that bullshit, just think about it before you comment cause it's just stupid and old to say that for the least.

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