How do you think about people who are more than a normal rage quitter?

Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies

How do you think about people who are more than a normal rage quitter?

I was playing in public match, and in origins, I saw a guy who quit the game just because he did not get the shovel in starting room!

And I also saw a guy who SQUANDERED all his money at mystery box before he even gets juggernog and quit the game when he got down and bleed out.

Now  think about those people above. What do you think about them. Don't you guys think that they are "Spoiled Brat"? I would think of them as like that. Even you don't get shovel at starting room, they can always get shovels outside the starting room. And even though you lost your weapon, you can usually get the wall weapons and start anew. What do you guys think?

Do you guys even know why call of duty is rated mature? It is partially because it is violent, but that's not all. The main reason is because you need to control your anger in losing stuffs and have to have a mature patience. It's not really about physical maturity. It is much more about your brain maturity that you know that you cannot achieve everything you want.

If you are going to act like a child, then go play league of legends where you can quit whenever you want and get suspended. Actually, I hope Treyarch make a rule similar to a league of  legends.

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Re: How do you think about people who are more than a normal rage quitter?

Personally, I have never actually witnessed someone quitting out of a public match yet for not getting a shovel, but if it DID happen, I would message them telling them how much of a pathetic little baby they are, then mark them as an avoided player and move on from it.

Box humpers are just greedy morons who know nothing about how to play the game properly, and if I am in a game with someone who does it before getting jugg, I try telling them how stupid they are being. All this over the Mark II!?! You get a single burst Mark II handed to you at the very beginning of the game in the Mauser.

Either way, if you are on XBOX, just mark the players as avoided and move on from it. You will barely ever see those users online again.

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