How is this game fair ?

Call of Duty Black Ops II Playstation 3

How is this game fair ?

You're either killing the opposition with 1 bullet or when you're missing......or you're getting killed by the opposition before you can even hipfire, or after firing a whole mag in them......the killcams are an embarrasment......i just had one where i got a double kill with 2 bullets, missed with the rest.....or if you're on the recieving end, it shows you in a completely different position that you were in game.....i don't have to muck about with my internet in COD4, WAW, MW2 or MW3.....and to top it off it's frozen up again.......this game isn't fair to either team

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Re: How is this game fair ?

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I have noticed the killcam be different to what actually happen a few times myself, not good.

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