Infectious TroLLs Are not TeamPLayers and need to be eradicated

Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies

Infectious TroLLs Are not TeamPLayers and need to ...

There's a fine line between having fun and being a troll. People think it's fun to be a troll and mess with others to get their jollies. When is being a troll enough where is the fine line at? 

Do you think this is a troll yes or no?

Ride bus around map until enough points, get the power on, open PaP,

PaP M16 and forget about other players and stay in tunnel.

Then when everybody is down gather parts for Jet Gun.

Use Jet Gun on the horde of zombies and get down from doing so because it pushes you into the horde. Thus making other players wait for nothing this is one of the reasons why people quit games I think because the game isn't going their way and think it ain't going to change and most likely it won't. If they do stay in game without any luck of getting everything they need to survive from the teammates keeping a zombie they will go down most likely. Why wait if this happens just to get trolled like that? What do you think?

That's a TroLL Yes? because that happened to me where someone did that.  Do I quit games sometimes for different reasons if everybody is playing just to troll each other and think that's fun I will. Fun to me is running around the map and killing zombies plus helping teamplayers out. But that's how people troll by acting like they need help and don't know something and screwing things up. Just for a laugh which has become infectious to the degree that it has become the regular why of playing when playing with randoms. It use to be where you can play a game and eventually find good players to add to your friends list but recently it's hard to thin out the herd and find good players it seems as everybody is the culprit.   That's all so don't get mad if you join a match and I think you're an idiot troll until proven otherwise.

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