Map Idea and kind of a description of what I wanted Zombies to be this time.

Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies

Map Idea and kind of a description of what I wante...

Slow day at the office so I threw together this map idea I had for a while. Not so much to describe a map that will never happen, but to describe what I thought Zombies was going to be more like this time around.

Map takes place at Vorkuta prison in Komi Republic, Russia. It was the setting of the prison break mission from the campaign.

Once the map is loaded the players will begin in a sinkhole looking area that was once a mine shaft room before the collapse. Its below the ground but you can see the sky. The first room is a good sized room with a door out, a staircase up a level to another door, and a boarded up mine shaft going down. Players can open either door or use explosives to push a mine cart through the mine shaft to open the tunnel. The board consists of a lot of narrow tunnels with closed off side tunnels where the zombies spawn from. They lead to open worker areas about the size of the bank on Tranzit.

Most tunnels lead to a main central area where the power switch is


The map is an alright size, maybe a little smaller then Kino. Jugg, Speed, Quick Revive, Double, Stamina, and PH are the perks. And there is a PaP.

There is also a larger tunnel blocked off by boards. The EE involves moving three carts and eventually using them to plow though the boards and opening up a large elevator that the whole team has to ride to get to the next section of the map.

Just like building the table, once the elevator is open, it saves for every time that player plays, or is at least host. The elevator ride would take a moment for players to gather themselves and for the rest of the map to load.

The elevator stops inside a room with double doors that need to be bought. Its like a whole new starting room with Quick Revive. Once the doors are bought, the map is opened up to a giant prison yard. The yard is large, flat and open. There is a guards office and cell block on the left and another cell block on the right. The cell blocks are connect by a third floor catwalk. There is also a guard tower towards the back of the yard. You would have the 5 main perks again, and a new perk. Not sure what, but something different then PH. Each section would have a special perk. Each section would also have its own WW, either from a box or buildable.

There are 2 things that are special about the yard. First is that there are three switches spread out in the yard, that put the yard on a 30 second lockdown. It closes the other building off, so both you and the zombies can't get in them. This is beneficial for allowing players to do what they need in the other buildings, setting up or doing the EE, and allows any player to go into the guard tower which has a wall sniper rifle and snipe without worries about zombies coming up from behind. Players, or 1 player if they can, can keep hitting the switches within a time frame to keep everything in lockdown.

The other special thing is that the yard is very open and easy to run trains. The problem is that while Tranzit had lava coming through the ground and Die Rise had meteors falling, this map would have random earthquakes. These quakes would warn a player and then cause oil and crud to seep up through the ground in the yard. This would slow down a player drastically while having little effect on the zombies. It would also set the whole yard on fire if an explosion goes off, which is useful for killing a large group of zombies. Eventually the ground will quake and the oil will go back down, but it could last anywhere from 1 to 5 rounds before going down, and can happen again anytime.

Doing the EE in this section will unlock a back door in the yard which leads to the guards barracks. Once again, players will have to go through a checkpoint room all together so the next section can load. This section would include an armory, barracks, offices, and a helipad. The section will also have its own new special perk, along with the other, and its own WW. So three players would have a chance to have a WW from each section. This section would also include its own EE, which is going to require players to return to the other sections at points. The EE will end with the tower lighting up for Maxis or Rich, and a chopper rescue which is a complete tease as the chopper ends up going down before it picks you up, but the reward is each section of the map available in custom games with the ability to turn the oil off and a mini game where you are in the tower sniping zombies and protecting humans and places down below. You can also grab 2 Death machines from the chopper which crashed in the yard, that can be saved on back like euipment but with limited ammo.

The boss for this map would be Sergei, the giant Russian that died there with a pick axe.

He would be appear once the power was turned on the first time in each section. He would play alot like George or the Astronaut, but he would also have the ability to throw down bear traps on the ground in frequently trained areas. These traps would not only catch players, but also zombies which could block a players path.

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Re: Map Idea and kind of a description of what I w...

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Really good idea quite well thought I like it a lot I would definitely enjoy playing that map on zombies if it was well done

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