My theory on the zombies story

Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies

My theory on the zombies story

     As we all know, Origins is the last map presented in zombies. I don't believe Origins was a map, I believe it was a figment of imagination. Only this map, none others before, because I think that they are already there.

     My theory revolves around the theory of Inception, a dream withing a dream. As we all know, from World at War, the first map to sprout the zombies franchise was Nacht Der Untoten. If anyone remembers, the day zombies appeared on Nacht was the night of the dark moon. This is very important, remember this The crew, Richtofen, Takeo, Nikolai, and Dempsey, are placed inside with pistols. No one knows how they always just appear in there, they just assume it's part of the story. Well it is. As they progress through to Verrukt, to Shi No Numa, and then to Der Reise, the zombies story begins to open up. Radios are placed, giving hints as to what happened. All the voices and audio tapes indicating that the creation of the zombie apocalypse began with that teleporter. When they pack-a-punch the wonderwaffe. It gives them power to generate the teleporter with high amounts of 115 material causing the teleporter to overload and cause them to not only teleport space, but time.

     Kino der Toten arrives. The gang keeps finding new hints and traps and stories. For instance; teleporting into a random girl's room (Samantha's), into a surgeon's office (The Doctor), these indicate where they will go next. And so, to the surgeon's office they go.

     Five arrives. The gang finds a freeze gun, used against the Doctor. They keep pack-a-punching wonder weapons, overloading the teleporters to send them to the next maps.

     Ascension comes into play. They teleport to a space station. To turn power on, you must launch the rocket. I believe that rocket was heading towards the moon when it got blown up instead. Maxis, at the moon decided that the humans knew where he was, so he started planning his grand scheme. Meanwhile, rescuing The Gersh from Ascension, they move on to the next map.

     Call of the Dead appears. Unfortunately, they teleported behind a locked door. A different crew needs to rescue them and get them items to get out of there before they starve. There wasn't much story for the gang in Call of the Dead, so I'll move onto the next map.

     Shangri-la appears. I found this map most interesting because of the Easter Egg. The objective was to rescue two travelers from the past. As the story goes these two travelers were doing reports on the island when they accidentally turned on the eclipse and got stuck in the past. Before the eclipse wore out, they were already devoured by the zombies and died in the past. It is up to the crew to rescue them and then teleport back to Ascension to launch their expedition to the last map.

Moon appears. It doesn't take them long to notice that Maxis controlled the zombies on the moon, but, after unraveling parts of the Easter Egg, they learned they were wrong; Samantha had been controlling them all along. And Richtofen decided he wanted to be in control, so he swapped bodies with her and blew up the Earth to control the world.

     Black Ops 2 had no connection to the crew other than the Easter Eggs and their sidings. The true revelation was Origins. Origins was supposed to be the map to end all zombies, but I believe that is not true. Origins is a much earlier year than all the other maps, indicating it is showing the beginning of the zombies franchise (Hence the name Origins). But instead, it showed giant robots and swarms of zombies from the start, no indication of the beginning, even though it is rumored to have started on Der Reise, a much later date, than that of Origins.

     After the Easter Egg was completed, a lot of zombie fans were disappointed because they didn't show an end, or a beginning. On the contrary though, I do believe it showed the beginning. And many of you would agree that it just showed that it was a stupid board game Samantha was creating, and that we were all just a figment of her imagination, but a lot of people missed the important things in the cut-scene.

     I told you at the start of this to remember something because it would be important, if you have to read back and find it go ahead,  but you might want to remember what it is before reading this next part.

     The girl (Samantha) is playing with a boy, named Eddie (Edward Richtofen). After a lot of unhappy people believed it was just a game played by them, they didn't pay close enough attention to the rest of the scene. Maxis calls from outside for Samantha to come outside for a moment. At this time, Maxis is working with his robotics and machinery (Trying to create the zombie army). Where she is called to go is outside, which is also known as a familiar place called Der Reise. Maxis is experimenting and later uses her dog as an experiment which some may say was the story to begin Der Reise. But as she is getting up, the camera switches over to the window for a couple of seconds. In those few seconds you see one thing through the window; a moon. The moon became darker and darker throughout these few seconds and then the camera went somewhere else. As I mentioned before, Nacht Der Untoten was known as the night of the dark moon.

     I don't believe that this is the end of zombies. I believe all those maps we went through were just her imagination, but all those places really exist. That night, the night of the dark moon presented through the window, indicates the arrival of Nacht Der Untoten, and zombies.

     Oh no, zombies didn't end, the story had only just begun.

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Re: My theory on the zombies story

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Good stuff! I looked at the video and you can in fact see the moon eclipsing! We'll have to see how this plays out for the next game though to be entirely sure.

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Re: My theory on the zombies story

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So the storyline as we knew it is still over, even with your theory. No way Edward Richtofen could exist as we knew him because you acknowleged he was a boy playing with Samantha. Not to mention our O4 are figurines.

The cut scene and Origins in itself demolished any story line that had been created in W@W or BO. Only different dimensions or something like that could explain it and thats a cheap out.

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Re: My theory on the zombies story

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I think it's all Sam's imagination, we see "Eddie" as a child bcause thats how Sam imagines him. Because of his childish personality! That's my opinion

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