Rules for Zombies- the rules to survive

Call of Duty Black Ops II Zombies

Rules for Zombies- the rules to survive

hello starting this Discussion to make a legit rules for Zombies. But not something to be bought or make by a compeny but by the community. The ones who spend hours playing this game learing for every previous games and striving to become best zombie slayer.

I have started the list and please fell free to add a rule you dont see as a comment and it will be added. Make sure its not a repeat and you explain it with detail. Also tell what catagory you want the rule to be in sa there will be lots of them and we need to keep ot neat. when you add a rule your name will be at the bottem. That goes for all. credit will be given. much more to come, more added daily or when ever thought of.

                                                                                                                                                                               key: (Underline, Captal means start of new TOPIC) (* next to a word means more info will be provided) 


                                                         RULES for ZOMBIES


  1. Don’t make crawlers in the start or middle of the rounds; it will be your downfall.
  2. Make sure you see 2 zombies b4 you kill to always save the last zombie.
  3. Aiming at the head may kill them faster but bad shooters will waste more ammo


  1. Don’t instantly get the drops, wait it out, you do have 30 seconds to make up your mind and if you are playing with other people call it out(NOT IN GREIF. In GREIF PICK UP ASAP) especially if it’s a *MAX AMMO.  People nowadays get really mad because max ammo in the later rounds (30+) comes once every 2-3 rounds if lucky. So when a player picks up MAX without calling it others are not given time to reload or empty there clips to gain full usage of the Drop. *DOUBLE POINTS  is best to be picked up after hording (for about 15-25 seconds about time drop begins to blink) as much zombies spawning so when picked up you can instantly get 2X points compared to using the valuable 30 seconds you have b4 the drop stops. Best two drops to be used together is DP and *INSTANT KILL and if it’s your lucky game Nuke right b4 DP ends. (I had games were I had all 4 drops out at the same timeSmiley Wink  
  2. Don’t ever get *NUKE unless: end or start of round, about to be trapped, with firesale so zombies don’t stop you from hitting the box, or for double points if there are no more zombies. When you get it DP, it will be 800points. Without it will be 400points. Just by killing 3-4 zombies you have made a little more then 400, so image if you had a hoard (10+zombies) and some1 gets nuke.(CALL UR DROPS)
  3. No drop(s) is worth YOU going down for, unless experienced and know the amount of risk being taken. Example: you see a nuke and even tho zombies are spawning all over the area it’s at and you also have some behind you, you decide to risk it all and pick it up only to get trapped and the zombies blowing up from the nuke downs you. OR you see a max ammo and risk it all and down yourself getting max ammo for every1 else and you downing.  


  1. From round 1-10 all you really need Is wall weapons to save up money for perks, etc.
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