Why the Tranzit EE is over

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Why the Tranzit EE is over

Ok so its been a year since tranzit came out and there are still people theorizing on possible continuations for the easter egg, and I actually was someone that did that until I realized 1 thing that rules out another step.

There are no hidden audio quotes that hint at a continuation, all hidden quotes are maxis quotes and none sound like the confirmation of a last step. An example would be how he says "you have done well..." when you do ToB, because thats the end of the easter egg. There are no quotes that say " good job jet-gunning the orbs, heres your reward" We know by now that every BO2 ee step is told by maxis or rictofen, so why would a continuation not have one?

The devs will talk and talk and talk, the orbs will keep coming, but nothing will happen, because theres no more quotes. Maybe there used to be orb quotes from maxis and rich that were scrapped?

Yes, although i have given up on the tranzit easter egg, i havent quite given up on a second bus. The map screams second bus, with the loading screen, day x/2 me, ride the B bus, and a second bus wouldnt need a quote from maxis.

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Re: Why the Tranzit EE is over

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There is no second bus. We would have seen on the PC files by now. And chances are someone would have foumd them in game even if they somehow hid it In the files. The devs don't want to admit that tranzit bluffs to be big and amazing but really it's five dinky little maps smashed together With fog puked in the middle to make it seem big. Tranzit is absolute garbage.

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Re: Why the Tranzit EE is over

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I was thinking it, but you said it Brother !! Amen !!!

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