Zombies Rank-Emblem Differences Explained (XBOX&PS3)

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Zombies Rank-Emblem Differences Explained (XBOX&PS3)

This post explains the differences in Emblems to ratio....as a lot of players have different Emblems even with the same ratio.

There are still a lot of different theory's and speculations online about the Zombies rank (Emblem)system.Since i am a big fan of the mode and was spending a lot of hours on playing it with my friends as a lot of you guys were,i wanted to clear some things up for me and the community.

I have been playing a little with some friends and tryin out some stuff and can say that i am 100% sure of how the differences are shaped.

We played several accounts,made some reset-tricks,noted some things and kept some tracking...ok.to not bla..bla...bla.. too much,i am gonna try to keep it simple for everybody, here it goes :

-Important thing is K/D (K/G) and ***High Rounds. (probobly its Kills to games played K/G as explained in the post from DaveTheDisturbing :           http://forums.activision.com/message/414227034#414227034

Not everybody unlocks the emblems at the same ratio point. It depends on how good you were playing till having reached a certain ratio.Here is where the High Rounds come in play and the amount of kills you made in the games.

Example: Lets say PlayerA and PlayerB hit the same ratio after playing a good game of zombies.They both have a ratio of K/D(K/G) 130, PlayerA gets the Skull-Knife andPlayerB doesn't.

Thats because overall the games PlayerA played getting to that ratio, he was hittinghigher rounds and getting more kills.

!!! Its important to know that for the above(as the rest of the post given numbers) the '130' is just an example and it does not matter whether you play Tranzit,DieRise,Survival or what ever....!!!

-Another important thing is REVIVES.

Reviving players in a game (doesnt matter wich mode) covers your downs / allowes for a little worse game without de-ranking in that game.To keep it simple you can say that for every revive you make you are allowed to go down once.

Example :  Lets say PlayerA is having a ratio of K/D (K/G)130 with the Skull-Knife emblem.He is having a game with his friend and he goes down 4 times.

After those downs he will drop down to a ratio of loosing the Skull-Knife but because he didrevive his mate like 3 or 4 times in the game,he keeps his emblem.

-Last thing that can be taken in count a little and only just a little is the overall progress of tracking Headshots,GrenadeKills,PerksDrank etc....

Example: Lets say PlayerA and PlayerB hit the same ratio after playing a good game of zombies.They both have a ratio of K/D(K/G) 130.Both players have the same amount of kills and downs but PlayerA gets the Skull-Knife and PlayerB does not.

Thats because PlayerA has overall a lot more Headshots,Grenadekills etc. or heachieved the K/D (K/G)it in less games.Its important to know here that PlayerB will achieve the Skull-Knife rank by playing just one or two more games that areabove average...there is the importance of the Most important two things.

***The importance of hitting high rounds can be explained in the following : Lets say a player is the Shotguns emblem and he is on the edge of loosing them cause of the ratio break-point.For his circumstances (they are different for everybody) he achieved the Shotguns by hitting lets say a ratio of K/D (K/G)240 and will loose them getting lower then K/D (K/G)225 as he is playing a bad game with some friends going down a lot. At some point he went down that much/made so little kills that game that he dropped below K/D(K/G) of 220.He should have been de-ranked to Skull-knife emblem but he is not as they reached round 50+. Will the same game have ended by round lets say 20 with the same amount of downs/kills then the player will gotten de-ranked.

There are a lot of players having the same ratio's but different emblems and there are a lot of players having different ratio's and the same emblems.

I personally have a ratio of 150 wich is not that high but i have the Shotguns emblem.Thats because i played a lot and although i went down quite a lot i did hit some pretty high rounds and always help the downed....

It is impossible to answer the question of HOW HIGH SHOULD MY RATIO BE TO GET.......some players get shotguns reaching K/D(K/G) of only 110 and others at K/D(K/G) 330.

Ranking is somehow personal,ratio's according to emblems differ for everybody as it comes down to the overall progress as outwritten in my post

    • Do people want to hear that:  To get shotguns you have to take the sliquifier play only solo,get 30.000 kills with a ratio of 200.Wheteher its Kills to Games or Kills to Downs.Further having everything blank,like headshots,grenade kills etc....,Would you be happy to know that , and everybody would do the same....Now comes the issue that : A player who does the above , but he does make like 1000 headshots and 1000 grenade kills will get there by a ratio of 195 instead of 200.Then another player does the above but he also plays 10 co-op games,gets some revives,some headshots and grenadekills and he gets there by a ratio of 190 instead of 195 or 200.Then another.....etc.... so many people ,so  many different ways.....***The above are just examples to prove something.

Keep slay them Zombies and if you are up for a good game of four just send some invite....

Greetings to the community,and feel free to ask or share your thoughts.

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