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I feel your pain, lol, I've ran into a couple boosters myself. The first booster was boosting for SMG camps cause he can't learn how to aim for the head. The second booster was doing the same thing but they were boosting for the crossbow bloodthirsty (lol and I can understand why), but the last I found was someone who had already boosted but I looked at his stats to try and make sure they were legit (they weren't legit( and found a kill confirmed match where he boosted for his nuclear. I could tell he boosted for his nuclear because he was only level 21 no prestige. Plus the number of people who have below a 1 kd but have 30 plus unstoppables which is ridiculous considering I had a 1.5 kd before I fresh started and the highest streak I had was 4 relentlesses. Idk what to think of COD anymore lol

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