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over 75+ deaths???

OK, I am new here and so far have not seen this answered anywhere.  I am confused about something.  Last night I was playing team deathmatch.  When the match ended, I noticed that one player had died 115 times.  The next game was like 80 something deaths.  How is that possible when there can only be 75 deaths per game?



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Re: over 75+ deaths???

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The player was more than likely committing suicide repeatedly. Deaths from suicides will not count towards the opposing team's score, thus allowing players to exceed 75 deaths.

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Re: over 75+ deaths???

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seen this before in Hijack below deck. 2 players, friends, on opposing teams, will meet and 1 will kill the other by a headshot. the killed player, using Tac In, gets killed again. they are doing this just to boost 1 players headshot camo score. 

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