Black Ops server and bad lag problems

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Black Ops server and bad lag problems

Does anyone know whats up with the black ops server atleast once a week it tells me that the cod bo server isnt available at this time and to either try again later or visit for updated and anytime I do the server is at def con 5 (green, which I presume means up and running) and I would think that is they were actually updating the server it wouldn't be at def con 5 or there would atleast be a note sayin hey we're updating our servers, is this problem just me or are other ppl receiving this as well? And another question, does anyone think that they should have fixed their server issues instead of making a new game? Because again it may be just me again but there is so much lag on all menu screens and even more in the game? Also it automatically disconnects me from Xbox live repeatedly.. Can anyone enlighten me with an answer or helpful info as to why my gaming experience has been progressively getting "suckier" in the past month or two...

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Re: Black Ops server and bad lag problems

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I get this message occasionally too, usually backing out to the main menu solves the problem, or failing that, restart the xbox.

The lag you talk about is a can of worms, plenty of other threads on here explaining it all, if your interested go have a look.

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