Black ops zombie glitches

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Black ops zombie glitches

I think the zombie glitches should be unpatched now. Mw3 is out and soon black ops 2 will be coming out. All the glitches on World of war for nazi zombies was unpatched so i think its only fair if TreyArch unpatches the glitches for nazi zombies on black ops

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Re: Black ops zombie glitches

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What sense would that make? Exploiting such glitches and errors is against the ToU of Xbox Live anyway. If you must cheat to get far than you are not a true gamer. true gamer works hard at what they a given to achieve a high rank.

Leave it as is and just play the way it was meant to played

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Re: Black ops zombie glitches

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Agreed. Ive already stated how i felt about this issue. Most people that want the glitches and unpatches are people who rather spend their time cheating their way thru something rather than ACTUALLY work hard for it.Glitching no matter how small of a glitch it is, is still a form of cheating!

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