Canadian Semi-Pro [Xbox]

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Canadian Semi-Pro [Xbox]

First thing is first... I WILL NOT CHANGE MY NAME


- Soar Legalize

- Tune Legalize

- Faze Legalize

My gamertags stay as is.

General Infomation

Age - 18

Name - Dillon "Legalize" Nguyen

Country - Canada, Quebec

Ethnicity - Asian


Skype - DillonNguyenXD

XBL - iLegalize

PSN - iLegalizeGB (Inactive)

Background infomation

- Former MLG/GB player (

- I play Halo & Cod

- I'm a PURE pubstomper

- I'm a decent trickshooter

I get feeds with

- mk48

- m8

- msmc

- dsr

What I'm looking for

- A clan that is active, friendly and 16+

- Gets feeds or trickshots

- Has editors that can put together a promo/montage

- GFX artists

How to contact me?

- Either Xbox, PM or on Twitter (: or leave a comment below!

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