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Cod Weapons and other stuff.

So as most of you call of duty black ops fans have seen there is going to be a sniper that looks like a bow and arrow that has exploding bullets. In my opinion this is not gonna be cool because every time you get hit where every your automatically gonna die. And they should put shot guns as secondary weapons like in MW2. But the problem with MW2 and the shotguns where that they where overpowered and had way to much range. What Black ops can do is make them weaker that normal and really reduce the range. And about the campers they should do something about like if they are there for a while they automatically blow up. I think they should keep the selection of kill streaks but make them harder to get. And is there gonna be destructible environment?
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Re: Cod Weapons and other stuff.

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you can tell that your first cod game was mw2 >.> they need to go back to the normal waw and cod4 style pistols as secondaries only shotguns primary but beef them up a bit. the shotguns in mw2 would have been perfect for primary's..
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