DLC IDEA MAPS! please leave comment

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DLC IDEA MAPS! please leave comment

i think you guys should bring back the "favela" map from mw2 because that was the best map other than rust and i have the season pass so i'm really curious if you'll take my idea into consideration. and also keep making guns for the dlc maverick and ripper love them.

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Re: DLC IDEA MAPS! please leave comment

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I think they should remake some of the COD 5 maps, specifically Cliffside.  I medium/small map with lots of interesting features is exactly what ghost's needs seeing that all of the regular maps are large.  Also they should keep the nuketown legacy going.  So yes it has been in two games already but why?  Because the players love it.  Nuketown was such hit that they had a zombies map made out of it.  Nuketown should be released in Nemesis for sure.  Yes favela was a good map and I hope (which it probably will) be revamped.

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