I'm gonna tell you how to play.. yes for real.

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I'm gonna tell you how to play.. yes for real.

This is a post to share with fellow players exactly how to play Call of Duty Ghosts.

It's pretty straight forward process and something that everyone can do, yes absolutely everyone.

So here is exactly the one and only best way to play:

Simply put, the best way to play COD Ghosts is to play the way that you enjoy the most. If you like going for a high KD than go for a high KD. If you enjoy camping, then camp. If you like playing the objective, then play the objective. The only thing that matters is that YOU are having fun (or at least trying to).

I say this to point out that the 'rules' of the game are only determined by the game design. These are the ONLY RULES. So, if it can be done (legitimately) and you enjoy it, then please do it at all cost.

Remember the only person/people that can actually tell you how to play the game is the game developer- They and only they decide what is right or wrong.

Now go enjoy yourselves, in whatever way you want..

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Re: I'm gonna tell you how to play.. yes for real.

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Hi - I just installed this game but I don't even know how to "start" this game.  It said to create a "Clan" so I did - then it seemed misleading for I didn't see the "join a clan war".  Now I can't join a war, nor even play, for it tells me a "Clan Leader cannot apply to other Clans.  Can you tell me "how" to get "started" to even play?  My tutorial doesn't tell me anything. Thanks

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