LOLOLOL Treyarch sucks at banning

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LOLOLOL Treyarch sucks at banning

So I was recently banned for boosting. I was completely legit except, I boosted for a few games and I guess they caught me, but I don't mind I guess I deserved it. What cracks me up is that Treyarch didnt even reset me right. I still have all of my classes, my K/D(which is 1.01), and challenges just the way they were before! So I am a level 13, and I have a gold L96A1. My reason for posting this is because I dont want to be banned for doing the famous "gold gun glitch". That glitch lets you have whatever classes with whatever camo you want. So please dont end up banning I RaGe Tango I for doing the "gold gun glitch". and i recommend banning people correctly JD_2020
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Re: LOLOLOL Treyarch sucks at banning

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