Lagswitcher STILL playing !!

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Lagswitcher STILL playing !!

I got a lag switcher in my fileshare numbers 5 and 6. Three OTHER games I also reviewed this guy playing. His games are like 36 and 0 and 10 and 0 etc.

You can definitely tell he is lagswitching. the thing is, is that the green bars on most people dont drop, but you can still she he has time to reaim and get a headshot etc.

The WORST thing is he has been doing this for MONTHS, I reported him about 5 months ago and he STILL has the same Gamertag as he had before.

send a freind request to me and I will give you the gamertag it is under. Its not my gamertag, but I had a freind save the games since I need all 6 of my shots.

Wiggy if you are here, I will send you the info in a PM.

Thanks for helping because this guy STILL allowed on Xbox Live makes me have second thoughts about this game.
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