Looking for people to play with on bops 1.

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Looking for people to play with on bops 1.

I've recently started playing Black Ops 1 again,It's been a while and i did honestly miss the game.The only thing is Me and my mate are the only ones that play it so it kinda gets boring with just 2.If anyone is interested in joining us for a few games on bops 1 please feel free to send me a message on XBL the road dOgg.

I would also like to warn you that if you're in the states or which ever part of the world,You may have difficulty with our connections,I'm not saying that my connection in the UK is bad....I think 120MB down and 11.6Upload should be sufficient to handle being host ect but it's just because of how far away you're but don't let that stop you .



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