Obvious Lack of Security/Ethics re: DLC!

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Obvious Lack of Security/Ethics re: DLC!

It looks like nobody from either customer support, Activision, or TreyArch, will even be concerned at this point, but I am deleting the DLC again, most likely never to re-install, unless I get a second PS3 to run both formats. Whomever is or was supposed to be in charge of quality control and security on the DLC servers is clearly being given free reign to harass me and interfere with my gameplay, mainly (99% of the time) while in Core TDM lobbies, whether playing on original maps, or DLC maps. Time and time again I have confirmed the only way to mitigate this issue is to delete (specific) DLC maps, or only play parties with PSN friends without the DLC entirely. My progress for MVP in Core TDM is clearly being "held" at 61/100 with DLC active. They actually couldn't be more obvious about it. I'm in almost every lobby with people running 3 seconds ahead of the actual gameplay regardless of connection strength. I will constantly see someone down a team mate, I run and dive to prone and then start to shoot the enemy, who will clearly see me on the ground, reload and shoot me, and on the replay I never even dove to prone, and if I did they somehow show the enemy reloading (without slight of hand) before I even dove! Now if I earn RC-XD's (only way to kill those players) the RC-XD will get spawned outside the playable map boundary and self destruct, but only when I play against those "preferred players". If I find the rare lobby that actually works without anyone having an unfair advantage, I will get kicked out EVERY SINGLE TIME via the "connection interruption" scheme so that any progress I had made doesn't count. This always happens without fail if I start climbing towards top score, or finish a match with the top score. I have a great internet setup, in fact far better than most, so I would easily say this is a clear case of harassment. Funny, because in Free For All the game runs just as good as it did almost 3 years ago. Without DLC the Core TDM lobbies seem to run almost as well, but from time to time. Is there anyone left that actually cares anymore? Or for that matter anyone that wants to know which maps you can safely run? Or why I shouldn't just convert to the dark side and start hacking for myself? And I'm not talking about happy fun time let's have infinite bullets hacking, or invisible player hacking. I would at this point relish the thought of constantly disabling the PSN network, or various Activision titles as they debut. By devoting as much time to being an active disruption as I clearly have on my hands to simply attempt to have fun & play COD, I'm sure I could really take all the fun out of video games as well, for A LOT of people! If this is truly the level of respect this company has for an intelligent human being, I will have no other course of action but to spend my money finding other ways to have fun with the PSN network and associated parties. Remember Kids: New or used PS3's are getting cheaper every day = penalties for modifying PS3's gets cheaper and easier every day! So todays tip is to always have a "friend" at one or two local pawn shop's or for quick, easy PS3 swaps.

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