Possible Perk/Killstreak/Balance Ideas For Next Call of Duty Game

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Possible Perk/Killstreak/Balance Ideas For Next Call of Duty Game

Hello everybody, here is a list of some possible perks and killstreaks for the next Call of Duty installment.  I'm bringing back some old ones, as well as adding in a few of my own.  The setting would ideally be World War 2, but the ideas are applicable to any war, I guess.  There are 6 perks per tier, instead of 5, and there are 15 killstreaks, unlockable in any order.  Shotguns and LMG's have always been my favorite weapon class to use, even though they have consistently been outshined by SMG's and Assault Rifles, with this game I hope shotguns will have greater range and tighter pellet spread, and LMG's will have less recoil.  A few more things to keep in mind when thinking of the balance: the M2 Flamethrower will be a secondary in this game, there will be no tanks on the maps, fire on the ground will still damage you, and the War game mode will make a long-awaited return.  Please tell me what you guys think, because as you can probably tell I put a lot of time into these ideas, and I would really appreciate some intelligent criticism of them.  Here we go:


  • Sleight of Hand- A staple in the Call of Duty series; the perk acts exactly as it always has, halving the reload.  Pro: Faster ADS, unlocked after 200 reloads while using Sleight of Hand
  • Scavenger- Another old perk, Scavenger allows you to resupply your ammunition.  Pro: You can resupply equipment and tactical grenades, and you start with maximum capacity ammunition, unlocked after 200 resupplies.  Note: You cannot resupply rifle grenades (Noob Tubes) with Scavenger
  • Marathon- Acting exactly like it did in MW2, Marathon gives you unlimited sprint time.  Pro: Faster object/ladder climbing, unlocked after sprinting 26 miles.
  • Dead Silence- It has other names, chiefly Ninja, but Dead Silence returns to give you silent footsteps.  Pro: Faster crouch/prone switch, delayed activation of enemy Bouncing Betties, unlocked after 25 backstabs.  Note: I had a more advanced player in mind with this perk
  • Overkill- It's back, and this time it will be a little more usable than it has been in past titles.  As usual, it replaces your secondary with another primary.  Pro: Halves weapon swap time, and (more what you'd expect from the name) for every bullet you hit an enemy with, you regain 5 health, similar to the Vampire cheat from World at War, very useful in straight firefights, unlocked after getting a kill with both primary weapons in one life, 50 times.
  • Berserker- The only original perk in this tier, although it does share some characteristics with One Man Army from MW2.  Berserker replaces your secondary, but in exchange allows you to change your Tier 2 perk at any time, leaving you vulnerable for 10 seconds.  Pro:  Two attachments for your primary weapon, unlocked after 100 perk changes.


  • Stopping Power- It makes a return in this game after a long hiatus, giving your bullets a 40% damage boost.  Pro: Your bullets do more damage to enemy killstreaks, unlocked after 250 kills using Stopping Power.  Note: I personally think that Stopping Power makes the game more fun, and provides something to compete with Shadow
  • Juggernaut- If Stopping Power returns, then so does Juggernaut, giving you 25% more health.  Pro: Your health will start to regenerate after 4 seconds instead of 5, unlocked after surviving normally lethal damage 50 times.  Note: I know everyone hates Juggernaut, but you can't have Stopping Power without Juggernaut, and the pro ability won't help the user in a straight firefight
  • Shadow- The classic stealth perk, granting you invisibilty to Recon Planes and AI killstreaks.  Pro: You can see the position of all enemy killstreaks on your minimap, and no red name or crosshair when targeted, unlocked after getting 100 kills while the enemy has a killstreak on the field.
  • Hardline- Hardline makes a return, letting you achieve your killstreaks one kill early.  Pro: Your killstreaks get a bit of a boost, eg. Dogs will run faster, Tanks will have faster reloads or higher power or heavier armor, Recon Planes will last for 40 seconds instead of 30; unlocked after earning 40 killstreak rewards.
  • Destroyer- The twin of Stopping Power, Destroyer gives your explosives a 40% blast radius increase, but no damage increase.  Pro: Fire gets a 100% damage increase (M2 Flamethrower and Molotov Cocktails), and you are immune to your own explosive and fire damage, unlocked after 75 explosive kills.  Note: Don't worry about a repeat of Danger Close, you can''t resupply rifle grenades, and there is a perfect counter in the form of Flak Jacket
  • Flak Jacket- The twin of Juggernaut, Flak Jacket reduces explosive damage to a mere 30% of its normal power.  Pro: You see enemy explosives (Bomb Squad/Sitrep/Hacker), fire damage is reduced to 30% of its normal power, resets fuse of thrown grenades, and you hear enemy footsteps at 4x normal volume (cancels out Dead Silence), unlocked after surviving 50 explosions.  Note: I had to make Flak Jacket Pro extremely good to make it compete with the other Tier 2 perks


  • Steady Aim- Improves hipfire accuracy by 50% (narrows crosshairs).  Pro: Increased fire rate by 33% when hipfiring (including shotgun pumping and bolt-action cycling), unlocked after 50 hipfire kills.  Note: I had shotgunners in mind with this perk, as they have always been dreadfully underpowered, and this will give them a boost
  • Marksman- The same as MW3, granting the user a farther range in which to see red names and crosshairs.  Pro: Doubles the breath holding of a sniper rifle, unlocked after 100 longshots.
  • Gas Mask- Grants immunity to Tabun Gas.  Pro: Immunity to Signal Flares, user can see through Smoke Grenades, also grants immunity to Chlorine Gas (a 9 killstreak), unlocked after getting 30 kills while gassed.
  • Lightweight- Increases movement speed by 10%.  Pro: Faster raise time after sprinting, no fall damage, unlocked after sprinting 15 miles.
  • Discipline- Bullets carry more damage through surfaces (Deep Impact).  Pro: Halved weapon recoil, unlocked after 50 penetration kills.  Note: I had LMG users in mind, as the lower recoil and increased penetration would give them a boost
  • Samurai- Replaces your knife with a katana, which takes 2 seconds to pull out.  This means that you can't panic knife, but it grants you a much longer melee range, and you can also melee more than one person at once.  Pro: Following the traditional stoic image of a Samurai, your flinch from being damaged is reduced to 25%, unlocked after 30 katana kills.  Note: I thought this was a pretty funny idea, and I actually think it could work


  • Recon Plane (3)- Reveals positions of non-Shadow using enemies on minimap for 30 (40 with Hardline Pro) seconds, refreshes every 3 seconds
  • Counter-Recon Plane (4)- Blocks enemy minimap for 30 (40 with Hardline Pro) seconds
  • Artillery I (5)- Artillery strike that lasts for 15 (20 with Hardline Pro) seconds
  • Hand Bomb (5)- You recieve one very powerful grenade (3x as powerful as normal frag), fuse of 2.5 seconds and priming time of 1.5 seconds
  • Sentry Gunner (5)- An AI soldier with 700 (800 with Hardline Pro) health and a deployable Browning M1919 sets up a position in one area (the same as a Sentry Gun from previous games, except only ends when soldier is killed), can swivel 180°    Note: If a Shadow user attacks him, the gunner can target them
  • Light Bomber (6)- A directional airstrike
  • Tank I (7)- An AI controlled tank with light (moderate with Hardline Pro) armor, slow reload speed, and low power enters the battlefield for 60 seconds, equivalent of Attack Helicopter from MW2    Note: If a Shadow user attacks it, the tank can target them
  • Artillery II (7)- Powerful artillery strike that lasts for 25 (35 with Hardline Pro) seconds
  • Heavy Bomber (8)- Powerful carpet bomb of most of the map, equivalent of Rolling Thunder from BO
  • Chlorine Gas (9)- One area of the map is covered in Chlorine Gas for 30 (40 with Hardline Pro) seconds, killing any enemies within the affected area in 3 seconds, countered by Gas Mask Pro    Note: The effects of the gassed zone are similar to radioactive zones from MW2
  • Tank II (9)- An AI controlled tank with heavy armor, moderate reload speed, and moderate (high with Hardline Pro) power enters the battlefield for 60 seconds, equivalent of Pavelow from MW2   Note: If a Shadow user attacks it, the tank can target them
  • Shock Troops (10)- 10 AI soldiers with 350 (450 with Hardline Pro) health enter the battlefield equipped with M2 Flamethrowers and LMG's, only stop when killed     Note: If attacked by a Shadow user, they will attack back
  • Dogs (12)- Dogs enter the battlefield for 60 seconds, and seek all non-Shadow using enemies, killing in one strike, they each have 40 health  Note: If a Shadow user attacks a dog, it can target them
  • Tank III (12)- The user takes control of a tank with moderate (heavy with Hardline Pro) armor, fast reload speed, and moderate power for 60 seconds, equivalent of Chopper Gunner from MW2
  • Atomic Bomb (30)- End the game with a victory, equivalent of Tactical Nuke from MW2.  Can't be called in within the first 7 minutes of a game, so that everyone can enjoy a full game

Well that's it everybody.  Please tell me what you think

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Re: Possible Perk/Killstreak/Balance Ideas For Next Call of Duty Game

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Yo this kid is a genius. These days it seems like every CoD is more or less the same game molded around a different war or time era with some slight modifications here and there. I see how Mothy kept some traditional features that uphold the integrity of the franchise while also adding very different stuff like samurai and tanks that still sound like they could work well. Treyarch or whoever should definitely look at this for some ideas. With B-Ops 2 (aka Star Wars) on the way it seems like they could use some.

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Re: Possible Perk/Killstreak/Balance Ideas For Next Call of Duty Game

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Thank you Ausbos11, I agree that the series is going in the wrong direction on the timeline.  I signed up to play Call of Duty, not Halo.  Another World War 2 game is exactly what the franchise needs.

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Re: Possible Perk/Killstreak/Balance Ideas For Next Call of Duty Game

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I think there should be a be a perk that in echange for secondary weapon, the player wears a SCR-300 portable radio set on their back that allows them to call in the killstreak of any team member. This would mostly used for team games.

I think the juggernaut perk should be instead be a killstreak like in mod 3 that a player can call in for an airdropped heavy armour that improves the player resistance agianst both bullets and explosives. The armour would be based on real life ww2 and ww1 attempts at making bulletproof armour

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